Last Words

I’ve never personally heard the last words of a dying person but I can imagine I would be attentive.  Last words seem to be held on to with reverence and remembrance.

Over the next six weeks leading up to Easter our Sunday teaching series will be exploring Jesus’ last words from the cross.  We find in these words forgiveness, assurance, affection, suffering, victory and trust.  They are important words in need of our attention.  Will you be listening?  What might Jesus want you to hear from His last sayings?

Lord Jesus, speak to us as we gather in Your name.  As we open the Bible may your Spirit apply to our hearts specific truths that lead us to worship.  Give us ears to hear.  Amen

Last Words
Sermon Title
1: Forgive them
March 02, 2014
Phil Chambers
Luke 23:32-38
2: With me in Paradise
March 09, 2014
Phil Chambers
Luke 23:32-43
3: Last Words
March 16, 2014
David Cunningham
John 19:26-27
4: Forsaken For You
March 23, 2014
Phil Chambers
Mark 15:33-34, John 19:28-30
5: Finishing Our Story
March 30, 2014
Phil Chambers
John 19:28-30
6: Finishing Our Story
April 06, 2014
Phil Chambers
John 19:30 and Luke 23:44-46
7: Your King Comes
April 13, 2014
David Cunningham
Matthew 21:1-11
8: Resurrection Fruit
April 20, 2014
David Cunningham
1 Peter 1:3-9