At Christ Community Church we desire to make disciples who make much of Jesus. What does that mean?

Making Disciples

The most important decision to be made in this world is to decide what one will do with the life and claims of Jesus. A disciple is simply someone who becomes a follower of Jesus. Being a disciple won’t make you rich, healthy or without struggle. But it does bring meaning and hope in the midst of isolation or pain. Following Jesus is a costly endeavor as it requires a shift in pursuit, but brings with it a life-giving assurance that nothing else offers. Christ Community exists to be holistically committed to making disciples.

How do we make much of Jesus?

Corporate Worship Service

We seek to “grow in the beauty” of the Lord each time we gather through passionate worship and teaching. Our worship service is casual and the gospel-centered preaching will appeal not only to believers, but also to seekers and skeptics.

Community Groups

We are not meant to live the Christian life alone. Our Community Groups share life together through learning, prayer, fellowship and mission. 6-12 individuals meet regularly so that Jesus Christ is experienced in His presence and power in the context of relationships.

Discipleship Groups

The center of the mission that our Lord entrusted to His church was to make disciples. Smaller groups of 3-4 individuals will intensively be equipped and transformed through life-on-life discipleship.


We will inspire men in leading their families, equip spouses in loving each other, train parents in raising their children, encourage singles in having God-centered relationships and guide families in opening their homes to their neighbors.

What time is worship?

Our worship service begins at 10:30 am on Sunday, but we like to show up early for discipleship and fellowship. The youth and children's discipleship groups (grades 3 - 12), as well as adult Sunday School, begin at 9:00am. Childcare is provided for newborns - 2nd graders during these classes. 

Where do I go?

We meet at our new worship space located at 2222 Hwy 52 in Helena. Look for the blue signs and please take advantage of our visitor parking right next to the entrance!

What about my kids?

During the adult Sunday School and worship service, we offer childcare for all ages. School-aged kids are in their own, special discipleship group time. During worship, children ages 4-kindergarten may attend the first half of the service with their parents, then dismiss to their own teaching time during the sermon.  After the service, a parent will need come to the preschool/nursery room to get each child. A registration table is available in the foyer, and a CCC staff member can assist you in checking your child into/out of nursery or preschool, locating your child's class, or answering your questions. We keep kids ages 1st grade and up in worship for the complete service. 

And later?

After church we'd love for you to visit one of our many community groups.  They meet on many different nights during the week.  If you haven't been invited, or would like for us to find a spot for you, contact the church office.

What's worship like?

Our worship style is contemporary, with a programming balance between solid praise songs and traditional hymns of the Church.

What do I wear?

Dress is casual. Guys will wear jeans, slacks, polos and button-downs. Ladies wear skirts, pants, jeans, or shorts. Depending on the weather and your mood - come as you are!

I'd like to meet Pastors Phil or David

Good, because they'd like to meet you too!  If you miss them after worship, contact the church office to drop by.