For the Christian it seems we’re always battling, striving, returning back to freedom. How odd this sounds. It would seem that the gospel truths that set us free would be where we naturally stay. Not true! Our default setting always leans away from grace-freeing truths towards merit-based ways with God and others. This is what we’re constantly being saved from by the undeserved favor of Jesus. Thank you, Lord, for your patient love and perseverance.

This Sunday we’ll pick back up with our teaching series though Galatians called “Freedom.” It’s so important we gather to help each other along in this journey of grace. We’ll sing redemption songs, we’ll confess our sins and pray, and we’ll open the treasure chest of the Bible mine it’s wonderful and precious truths. Lord, enable us to see, know and be transformed.

Is there a neighbor or co-worker you can bring along this Sunday? Someone who needs to hear that God’s grace is greater than all their sin? Someone who longs to know that there is a Savior who will bear their burdens? If so, invite them along.

Grace to you,


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