The Greatest Story Ever Told

Created by his mere voice, God spoke us and all creation into existence through his life giving word. Though all this creation was declared good, mankind chose to worship unsatisfying idols instead of creator, breaking the perfection of creation and staining the world with death, disease, pain and suffering.

All is not lost, as our Father had from the beginning prepared a rescue mission, through the same power that created all things. The Word becomes flesh in the most unlikely of places and the greatest story ever told begins.

what is the gospel?

Who is Christ Community Church?

Followers of Christ captivated by grace who long to make much of God

We are a group of individuals who are growing in their understanding of the amazing way God treats His children. Our desire is that the preeminence and love of God would direct not only all that we do, but who we become. The message of grace is unconditional acceptance given to undeserving persons by an unobligated giver. Because of our unconditional acceptance before God made possible through faith in Jesus, we are free to live joyful and obedient lives. Knowing that the Christian life is impossible to live in our own effort, we long to be dependent upon one another and God's Spirit. Our aim is to help people experience the grace of God while being gracious to others. As we become a church who is personally refreshed by the gospel, then we will become a church that seeks the renewal of our neighbors and our city. We value grace because we so desperately need it.

Our Mission

Making disciples who make much of Jesus in all nations

Our Vision

To introduce nonbelievers to a relationship with Christ, to disciple believers into a deeper relationship with Christ, to train leaders who will point others to Christ, and to do this in dependence upon God’s Spirit and His Word so that lives are changed and the world knows the grace of God.